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Limited Edition - Heart Of Love Ornament

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Introducing our limited edition 'Heart of Love' ornaments, each heart is as unique as your love story. Crafted by hand these beautiful creations were designed as part of our Valentine's Day Collection 2023.  

This darling and dainty ceramic heart is as pure and natural as love itself, being made from the earth. Designed and created in Kerry for Badger & Blue these hearts are intended to last a lifetime of love. 

Available with a gold or jute string, ready to hang up where ever your love is. 


Each heart is made by hand, with each offering it's own unique size and slight colour variant due to the nature of ceramics. Each heart is approximetely 4 x 3.5cm (without string) or 13cm in length (with string). 

Pricing stated for one heart with string, multiple hearts in image for display purposes only.